Wednesday, June 30, 2010

To Go Please...well, kind of.

Ordering something to go in Spain should be ordered whilst putting up the tacky quotation fingers because you should not be eating it on the go. Today I went to Starbucks on my way to work (I know, get off it) and I got a muffin. I was running late and decided to eat it on my way to the office. As I was walking I kept getting looks. "My fly is not down", I thought, "there are no I look that good today that I am turning heads?" It turns out that it was my muffin eaten on the go that drew attention. It is just not allowed here to eat on the go; it is not necessarily frowned upon but it definitely dials the "I have no friends or family" police. But in my defense and in the defense of the United States, what do you do when you're running late? I need to eat a little something to kick start my metabolism in the morning and wake myself up, am I supposed to suffer because YOU believe in meal consumption as a group therapy session?

If you are to take something to go, you take it to a park and meet up with friends or at the very least lie with a book.

Other social faux pas that are actually frowned upon heavily here:

Stretching in public (I'm screwed)
Yawning without covering your mouth (like us but way more harsh)
Walking through a door before a woman or a younger person (chivalry is not dead)
Not saying hello and goodbye in elevators (even to strangers)

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