Monday, November 19, 2012

2012: The Year of the Deputy

Every year is rung in with bells and fireworks, with hollering and celebration, yet few really know what the fuss is about.  Instead of empty shouts, the Deputy attempts to bring in each new year with a newfound optimism and respect.  For life, for the future, whatever may be striking the Deputy's fancy at that time is then wished upon and thought about for the year to come.  There is a tale however, for those interested in folklore, witchcraft and wizardry that states that a poor New Years celebration brings in the best of years.  It is funny to think of this tale since usually people equate a good start with a new beginning and a good omen for what is to follow.  Set the tone as you will.  But the Deputy had to lend his faith to this tale so as to make sure that his awful start led to a most fortuitous year.

The New Years:
The Deputy's longest and dearest friend came to Sweden to visit him and the both of them embarked on a journey of exploration and adventure.  The setting was Istanbul, Turkey, where the East and West come together in a clash of culture and livelihood.  A place where one bridge shows two sides of enormous history and a bumbling culture that allows it to live on.  On the eve of the celebration, a few friends gathered together to ensure that the setting was just right in order to ring in the new year to the extent that would make others green with envy.  As the small group set themselves amongst a throng of male guests, they awaited the countdown and the future.  Minutes before, rain started to pour onto the most unprepared visitors, dampening their all to prepared New Year's outfits and desires for a fun and light-hearted evening.  The rain, though, added a sense of whimsy to the exotic destination and even increased the drama as the countdown hit 0 and the immense crowd began to circle and dance and cheer.  The Deputy and his small group of explorers joined in the frenzy.  Fast forward to an hour later. The group decides to clammer out of the crowd and down a street towards a strip of drinking establishments.  In an effort to shield the New Years garb from the downpour, the Deputy grabbed at a broken umbrella strewn on the sidewalk.  Fighting with the contraption and attempting to salvage any of the instrument's use, the umbrella writhed free of the Deputy's grip and shot to the floor.  In a flash, the umbrella managed to break free of its closed position and flap wildly and release all of its wings to unfurl ground-facing.  The impact of the release propelled the umbrella directly upward, plunging the jagged end of the broken metal handle deeply into the hand of the Deputy.  The rain continued to fall and the Deputy's tears added to the wetness.  The pain and lack of solution on how to fix the problem, caused the deputy to delve into his pockets and search for a solution.  As the Deputy made his way to his wallet to find whether there could be something to MacGuyver into a band-aid, the Deputy felt nothing.  The wallet had escaped.  The scene closes and the curtain falls with the Deputy in a foreign country, without a wallet and a hand gushing blood under the downpour of Istanbul skies.

The Year to Follow:
So as the tale suggests, the ensuing year became one of the most grand events in the Deputy's life.  He returned to Sweden with his tale between his legs.  He graced through and graduated his masters program with the accolades of a Moot Competition in which he dazzled on-lookers and judges alike.  The trips around Europe and friends to accompany him along the way was nothing short of perfection.  Then, the trip seemed grim.   The Deputy would have to return from his rise to international success to Los Angeles where he would have to prepare himself for a future.  A week after his return to Los Angeles found the Deputy answering the phone to a restricted number.  The number belonged to a Swedish woman who was a part of a law firm and called to communicate a job offer.  The job was the Deputy's dream and could not stifle his girlish excitement as he giddily accepted the position.  The following summer allowed the Deputy to spend long-needed time with family friends without the stress of having to rush back to some internship or a year at school.  The summer was ever sweetened by the Deputy having to take a bar exam in California in an effort to appease his parent's concern that the Deputy's future would not include being close to his family.  The Deputy just found out he passed!  So with titles and jobs and friends to spare, the Deputy has taken the bleeding hand and the walletlessness to its full potential and has had the year that will change all others.  The Deputy has also found love but this will be expounded on to its faithful readers in more detail.  The trial of this love is tested at the moment but the Deputy always looks to that New Years day and the tale to be followed.  That the poor conditions during an Istanbul winter cleared a path for victory and fortitude.  The Deputy leaves his readers with well wishes and thoughts as they plan their next years plans.  The path is set, but for those who see rain and blood, know that the beaches of Los Angeles may be your reward if you work hard and stay focused.