Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Spanish Soccer and the Workplace

Email chains were rushing through my inbox and everyone was frantic to find out that Spain's first World Cup game would be played at 4pm, in the middle of the workday!! What are we going to do? Who can we call? We CANNOT work for heaven's sake!! To see all genders and ages fanatic about a sporting event was an amazing spectacle. So what ended up happening was that they imported in a projector and a white board and the IT geniuses set it up for our personal enjoyment. So no one really took a lunch that day considering that everyone was going to be a little distracted with a national monument projected in the cafeteria.

As the suits and the skirts rushed upstairs at the first sound of the tick of 4pm, everyone sat glued to the white board and watched their team. They cheered and cursed and jested with their co-workers. I purposefully sat in the back to observe it all as a moving picture, that OR I am not the most popular person in the office. You decide.

My second favorite part of the game, aside of the childish anticipation of grown adults was halftime. At halftime, the suits and skirts shuffled their feet out to the elevator almost mimicking the morning foot traffic to the metro. The rush hour was in order to squeeze in some work in between halves, to make sure that the entire two hours was not a total loss.

Though I wasn't knee-deep in a sweat infested local bar, pouring water over head at the thought of a penalty against our pride, EspaƱa, I saw another side of the fence. The grass was pretty green on my side.

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