Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Real Househusband

My boss, colleague and I had a conference call with NBC to discuss our progress with the show. It is hard to believe not to believe in destiny when something like this happens to you. I have been barraged and ridiculed for watching such horrible television. But then, when I have the opportunity to work a dream job, my big assignment is to become an expert on the aforementioned abhorrance. What are the chances that my guilty pleasure becomes my most powerful arsenal?

During the conference call, my boss comments that I am in the room and that I happen to "have a lot of experience" with the show. The call went well, and today was a very positive work day for me. I was able to show personality, contrast it with business expertise and display it in a session that I would have otherwise not been invited to partake in. In the midst of revealing disappointing grade after disappointing grade for this past semester of law school, it is nice to see that it is not always about what's between the book ends that counts.

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