Thursday, June 24, 2010

A Night/Morning Out on the Town

After resting up, Saturday night came all too fast. We dressed in our raver's best and headed out to Kapitol, famous in Madrid for it's 8 story venue and sublime music. We hop out of the cab with the ravenous hunger for fun and mischief and pay the insane cover and enter the venue.


In true, Ibiza style, the club boasts a huge dance area with luxurious seating and a shrine of a DJ booth. As if that was not enough, as you progressively traverse the expanse of Kapitol and scale its wonderous stairs, each floor offers something new. From hip-hop to Latin, from packed bar to low-key lounge, I finally realized that paying the cover to Kapitol was basically free admission to 8 different clubs in one. We met up with Nena and Ollie's friend from their study abroad program, a Boulder-alum by the name of Chris. Good dude, down to emit a good vibe and can Dina Lohan better than the best of us, just to get the night started. He was showing his girlfriend around, so we had to make this night extra special. The night proceeded royally, with stage-dancing and local shmoozing.

We ended our night in true Madrid fashion, with some chocolate and churros at a local hole-in-the-wall before heading to bed. We met some characters that night, some still continue to haunt the girls, but "part of the experience" right?

A lazy Sunday is defined by a Kebab on a white blanket at Templo Debod, sitting over the outskirts of Madrid and relaxing next to a melodic fountain. Locals pour in as the afternoon tolls, providing that perfect amount of Spanish white noise, just loud enough to lull you into a deep relaxation. An afternoon to reflect, recap, and restore.

That night I had to prepare for my presentation on my research for Monday afternoon. The boss wanted a presentation on what I had been working on. In Argentina, a project like this was prepared over a third of my summer, making sure I could fill a half-hour with solid material and coherent Spanish. I worked all afternoon and night preparing my powerpoint and taking notes on slides I wanted to highlight. The nerves were coming, the ones before battle, the ones that make you subconsciously grit your teeth and growl.

Not until tomorrow young gladiator, when the sand is fresh and the crowd anxiously awaits your display.

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