Monday, July 12, 2010

10 Memories from the World Cup

1. When I ran like a bull, placing my fingers as horns and kicking back sand, towards Spain flags all down Gran Via.

2. Hugging the stranger next to me as the one and only goal went in for Spain.

3. Having someone spill beer all over my camera, rendering it useless and leaving me in my office waiting in anticipation to go home and see if all my pictures from my trip are destroyed. And I am surprisingly indifferent to the outcome.

4. Waiting below balconies as we, along with a group of thirty, beg for water to be poured on us.

5. Leaving the game and turning around to see the biggest crowd of people in one place I have EVER seen.

6. High-fiving a baby in a stroller at 4am.

7. Shaking my body in a epileptic type seizure in front of traffic as they flash their headlights in a strobe-like sequence.

8. A transvestite flashes me. I almost vomit.

9. Taking a picture with a group of people in front of a torn down street light.

10. Looking behind me at a mass of thousands and thousands of people, their eyes filled with indescribable glee, cheering without a care in the world. For our lady Spain has won, everything else is trivial.

Yo soy español, español, español. Yo soy español, español, español. A por ellos oe, a por ellos oe, a por ellos oeeee, a por ellos e oe!!!

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