Saturday, September 17, 2011

So school started, AGAIN!

Considering the Deputy's life is filled with closing one book and opening another, why should this year be any different. School started a few weeks ago and, after ogling the beauties that grace my campus in their scandanavian grandeur, I love it. My professor is basically this juggernaut in Swedish arbitration and international arbitration as well. She is attracting some HUGE names to come give guest lectures that is unheard of.

Arbitration is an "I scratch your back, you scratch mine" type of industry. So if I am meandering through Zurich and you are teaching a PhD course in law, and we are friends, why not stop by for a little two hour gab session? That is what the lives of these diesels are like. It was awe-inspiring to have two of the biggest names in the field come into my class of 25 and stretch their synapses right in front of me. Not to mention, my class is comprised of 25 different countries from around the world. So taking comparative education to a whole new level, you talk about the odd witness examinations in Germany and then have my friend Gunnar tell you about his native legal regime first hand. It really puts this entire course into context.

The last lecturer, Johnny Veeder, ended the class by talking about the importance of arbitration. Granted he started his speech by saying that this was going to be severe propaganda, but color me group-think because I was sold. It all came in order to promote international trade, and talk to anyone in world who knows a thing or two about anything, and trading is what makes the world go round. It all started with bartering systems of the ancient tribes of the globe, and now there is just a suit on it. People need passion to become successful or else it isn't going to happen, to a degree for which I wish to strive. And for me, it comes with the fact that I need to do something that makes a difference. To be a part of a bigger machine that actually provides a fundamental screw to the overall production, that is what makes me life the comforter and run water on my face in the morning instead of moaning and hitting snooze 10 times.

I have met some great people in the class already. Some fast friends have formed and I am very excited to see it all evolve. Establishing these connections is crucial, since who knows who you are going to sit across from at the arbitration table. I love that I am making my world smaller, placing social nodes at different points of the globe in hopes that there will be some magnetic attraction, pulling to towards some center sphere from some centrical force of light and love.


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