Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Baker & McKenzie

I thought my office at Disney was the best, but this office is different. Whereas Disney had all the media outlets and movie theaters and memorabilia from the High School Musical dynasty, this office has sophistication and class. The receptionist was wearing a blue-tooth earpiece. Each meeting room has those smokey glass walls that you see in an episode of 24, that cloud up if occupied. The walls are white and the tables are pristine. The bathrooms have motion censor lights that light up as you walk to the sink and fade as you walk out. Each stall has its own personal light that you turn on if using that particular facility. Going green?

I am going to be working in the IP department with a relatively small team. I was relieved to hear that there wouldn't be that many people because that meant more access, easier communication and a greater chance at making an impact. Work starts in a week so I get a chance to relax and sunbathe in el Parque de el Retiro or maybe outside the palace gates. I'll probably see a museum or two, since I am up at this g-d forsaken hour.

Last night was a success, I decided to meander the streets and let the night choose me. I decided to botellón and asked for directions about 27 times and where the nearest "hot spot" was about 13 times. I got the attention of this rowdy bunch that turned out to be the dancers for Paulina Rubio on her world tour. They were in Spain for a little while longer and just came in town to pick up one of their newest dancers. I had to inform them that if the new dancer failed at any point or did not live up to the expectation of a global performer, that I was in Funktion and could pick up dances very quickly. Chuckling at what they thought was a joke, we spent the majority of the night together, bar hopping around Salamanca. For an awkward Monday night, it was a great success. Now if only I could remember their names and maintain that connection...

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  1. just realizing how similar funktion and funkziet / funky time from bruno are .... dun dun dun