Friday, December 14, 2012


There are so many theoretical interpretations of the burdensome quality that "things" bring to a human life.  They tie us down, the create clutter, they free us from the bondage of everyday life.  But, there is a difference between the materialistic consumer, hoarding his Wal-mart possessions in some sort of trophy display case and the artist or the one who wants to create a sense of "space".

The Deputy has been a rolling stone for most of his life and therefore has had to cast off ties to most of his belongings in order to speed up the roll and ensure that he gathered no moss.  But then a point came in this stone age that brought Deputy a new scence of the aforementioned philosphies of "things".  He found himself collecting goods on the streets and bringing them home, palettes and discarded jewels.  After careful reflection and pontification, the Deputy noticed that it was a sort of nesting, a creation of comfort, an establishment of home. 

Now that the Deputy has engaged in a quest to set roots in foreing soil, he attempts to surround himself with things that nuture those roots.  So the "things" have become a comfort blanket, a sense of belonging and security.  As every traveler knows, no matter how much you are on the move, the comforts are the things that really bring relaxation.  Like a backpacker who picks up a candle whose smell reminds him of home, the Deputy is creating a 360 sense of self in his new surrounds.

So dear readers, though the Deputy advocated for years about the importance of being without belongings, he found that belonging sometimes is only created belongings themselves.  Hm, the word itself both exists as a noun to constitute a possession, but whose etymology aligns with the verb to be a part of something else.  Interesting, may the message spread.

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